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The Comptroller provides the public with an independent treasury function which ensures adequate safeguarding of taxpayer funds. This involves maintaining custody of County funds, as well as administration of the County’s investment program. The County Comptroller’s philosophy regarding management of the investment program is to ensure the safety of principal, while providing for liquidity to meet the County’s cash needs, as well as obtaining the highest possible yield. The interest revenue provided by the County Comptroller’s investment program greatly assists in offsetting the need to increase taxes and user fees paid by Orange County citizens.

The Comptroller is also responsible for the administration of the County’s long-term debt. This function involves providing for the timely payment of principal and interest, as well as ensuring that the County complies with its various bond covenants. This helps ensure that the County maintains the highest credit rating possible which, in turn, reduces interest costs paid by taxpayers.

The Comptroller collects and administers the six cent tourist development tax, also known as the resort tax, and the County’s public service tax, also known as the utility tax. The Comptroller also collects parking ticket fines issued in unincorporated Orange County. Parking tickets can be paid by mail or in the cashier’s office on the fourth floor of 201 South Rosalind Avenue between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. For additional parking ticket information, please call our parking ticket specialists at (407) 836-5699.

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